United Kingdom has long enjoyed the reputation of the seat of quality education. The advanced economy of the country and historic institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge give the country an upper hand in the global educational system. UK educational qualifications are acknowledged and valued throughout the world and are respected more than those acquired in any other country. Needless to say, British educational systems are universally trusted. Students in impressive numbers from across the world come to the United Kingdom every year to acquire quality education.

United Kingdom provides the students with the much-needed individual attention, which the educational systems in most other countries fail to deliver. This can be attributed to the fact that UK respects the individual, cultural and religious diversity of students who come here for studies.


Scholarships of numerous types have a common intention of helping potential candidates realize their dreams and ambitions. As UK is one of the most favorite destinations for higher education, one often faces tough competition to qualify for the scholarships in UK. The best policy would be, if you want to avail any such scholarship programs of UK, to be fully prepared to meet all the required eligibility criteria’s.

Different Scholarships in UK

In UK you will come across Merit-Based Scholarships offered to motivate the academic, artistic and athletic abilities of the candidates as well as Institution-Based Scholarships, which aim to lure talented students to their educational institutions. You will not find many Ethnicity-Based scholarships in UK. Athletic scholarships and academic scholarships are on a high run in the United Kingdom.

Besides all of these, the Government also offers special scholarships and educational grants in UK to under-privileged children and the disabled. You will come across plenty of Bond-Based Scholarships in UK that require the recipients to work for or to pay back the given financial aids. There are also quite a few public and private scholarships in UK that are aimed towards helping overseas students.

Some of the most renowned Scholarships in UK are – The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in UK: This scholarship is also known as the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan and it provides financial aids even to Distance Learners. It encourages mostly Academic Fellowships as well as Academic Staff Scholarships.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme: This institution offers scholarships on an extremely competitive basis to overseas students. The Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) is one of the very few facilities that offer financial aids to foreign students who wish to avail scholarships in UK.

The British Chevening Scholarships: These scholarships are funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and provide fellowships in UK to talented graduates and young professionals so that they can pursue higher education in UK. It is one of the most prestigious Scholarship of UK that has helped individuals from over 150 countries each year.

The EQUALS Society Fellowships, the British Marshall Scholarships and the Churchill Scholarships are also some of UK’s some other reputed scholarship-providers.

Student Visa

In order to apply for a Students Visa for UK, applicants have to get the IM2A forms that are obtainable free of charge at the British Embassies located in your country. Students who want a Students Visa should be able to prove that they have been selected for a study program or for research work at an educational institution that is on the list of Department for Innovation and Universities and Skills Register of Education and Training Providers in United Kingdom. This site provides details regarding the procedure for applying for Students Visa for UK.

Documents Required for Students Visa for UK

There are quite a few documents that have to be furnished when applying for Students Visa for studying in the United Kingdom. Here is the list of documents required for application of Students Visa for UK:

  • Applicants have to get a letter from an institution in UK confirming that they have been selected for a full-time course. The letter must also state the full duration of the course.
  • Applicants have to furnish evidence to prove that they can pay the course fees and support themselves during the period of their stay in United Kingdom.
  • Applicants must have a valid passport

UK Immigration Requirements for Students

  • Candidates should intend to study at a private institution, publicly sponsored university or college or a fee-paying autonomous school.
  • Students must be able to pay for course fees and the accommodation expenses of any relations staying with them without claiming public funds or working in UK.
  • Students should not work in UK except in case they are accepted for a Study program lasting longer than six months.
  • Students have to leave UK on completion of their studies.

Medical School

The Medical Schools of UK are proud of the talented doctors they produce each year. The versatile field of Medicine has been respected all over the world throughout centuries. Many aspiring medical students dream of becoming reputed medical professionals some day. The medical schools of UK make the dreams of these student come true by offering them world-class medical curriculum and excellent Internship Programs.

Medical Courses in UK:

As UK is home to some of the best Medical Colleges in the world, students from various parts of the world come to study medicine in UK. One can pursue bachelor of medicine or bachelor of surgery at the undergraduate level from various medical colleges in UK. Medical students in UK also generally spend one additional for earning an interrelated degree. After successfully completing the undergraduate medical courses in UK, one can go for various specializations and postgraduate courses.

Scope of Medical Courses in UK:

The field of Medicine is immensely vast and rapidly developing. Radiology, Gynecology, Cardiology, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Oncology and Surgery are few of the many options offered by these schools. After getting through all your Medical Degrees and Specializations you may choose to work as a Doctor or a Medical Researcher in Correctional Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, and at various other Government or Federal Health Departments.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Medical Schools:

Generally you have to clear a Medical Entrance Exam to qualify for Pre-Medical Courses in medical schools of UK. You will have to get a pretty good score on these entrance tests, as there is always a lot of competition among thousands of students who want to get into the reputed medical schools of UK. After four years of medical school you will be expected to complete your Internship and Specialization within 3 to 8 years. You can choose the specializations according to your preferences and abilities.

Prominent Medical Colleges in UK:

Superb curriculum and a well-planned infrastructure form the strong base of medical schools in UK. The medical colleges and universities of UK are also renowned for their systematic teaching methodology as well as state-of-the-art medical equipment. The Medical Schools of UK will polish its students and turn them into extremely talented and hard-core medical professionals. Utter diligence and sheer ambition should be the driving forces for any aspiring medical student. Some of the best Medical School in UK can be found in the following Universities:

  • University of Cambridge
  • Applicants have to furnish evidence to prove that they can pay the course fees and support themselves during the period of their stay in United Kingdom.
  • University of Oxford
  • London School of Economics
  • University of St. Andrew’s
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Durham
  • University College London
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Warwick

Business School

The business schools in U.K. are attracting students from across the globe. This is primarily due to the quality of education provided by the management institutes of the country. However, this has not been the only factor that has made the business schools of United Kingdom cynosure of all who long for a stable career in management. The liberal market of U.K., conducive work atmosphere and availability of various scholarships and loans have also contributed a lot in making the management colleges in U.K. attractive for the whole world. Students who pursue a course from a reputed business school in U.K. often feel very secured about their career as the degree would be recognized in most parts of the world.

Admission to the business schools in U.K is done generally in the months of August/September or January/February. However, there are some business schools in U.K. that follow ‘rolling admission’ system. For example the European Business School do not have any application deadline and provide only start days from time to time. This makes possible for the student to apply any time to that business schools in U.K. Most of the business schools in U.K offer all types of courses- certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate courses-in management. But it is the MBA courses that attract the foreign students to most to the business schools of United Kingdom.

Top Universities

High standards and the provision of quality education are a significant part of the British educational system. World-renowned educational institutions and a systematic educational pattern make the country one of the most important destinations for higher education.

Universities, University sector colleges and different institutes across the country provide courses in higher education. Universities offer degrees and Higher National Diploma (HND). Smaller universities offer specialized courses in one or a group of subjects. It is to be kept in mind that higher education courses in the country have entry requirement. These degrees are obtained after two years of GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) or Post-S- grade study-A levels and AS-levels, Scottish Highers, Advanced General National Vocational Diploma or General Scottish Vocational Diploma at Level III. It is pertinent to mention here that entry to institutes of repute in the country is highly competitive as relatively a large number of people apply for higher education.

Moreover, with the passage of time the education system has been geared towards employment and has become more serious. Also, class sizes in British institutions are relatively small which provides an ample opportunity to students to discuss points with the tutors. If one wants to pursue further education in a college, application forms are directly available at the institution itself. For higher education, the central system called the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) has all the relevant details or you can directly visit at EQUALS Office.